Maria Menounos

Why You Need to Make Your Health A Priority

I say this all the time – we treat our cars better than our bodies. You need to start making your health a priority because as my dear friends Yogi Cameron and Yogini Jaima reminded me recently, if your health is suffering, everything else in your life will suffer too. Achieving our goals is a lot harder when we are laying in a hospital bed; learned that the hard way. I had worked myself to the bone, going full-speed 7 days a week, 18 hours a day. It was something I used to be proud of that. Now I get nauseous thinking about my old schedule, especially when I think about how I neglected my health in favor of work. Let my story serve as a reminder to you that your unhealthy habits WILL catch up to you. So, make the commitment to yourself and your health right now. And ladies (singling out my fellow nurturers and givers), you can’t take care of everyone else when you aren’t taking care of you. You deserve just as much care! Oxygen mask first. Make your health a priority!

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