Maria Menounos

Why I Created Heal Squad X Maria Menounos

For those who have followed me since my Entertainment News days, you know I love fashion and beauty. You may also know from my EveryGirl’s Guide to life, NYT best-selling book series, how much I embrace life hacks, continuous life improvement and love to help others do the same. That’s why I created Heal Squad X Maria Menounos. 

More recent followers may not be aware of my mother and I both being diagnosed with brain tumors or how the experiences propelled me to delve deeper into health, wellness and spirituality. As a result, over the past five years more people have reached out to me for help with tumors and a multitude of physical and mental health issues, too.  I soon discovered just how many of us were needing to heal while also seeking to ‘get better’ in all areas of life.  Thus, my podcast, Heal Squad X  Maria Menounos, went from weekly to daily. I continue to interview world leading healers, experts, and influencers who deliver the most groundbreaking information in all areas of life. This can be from health and wellness to career and finances to relationships and more. 

Since going daily, we’ve heard how many lives we’ve changed for the better. We’ve also heard that there’s so much helpful information, tips, lessons and takeaways on a daily basis, that much of it is hard to keep track of, let alone apply. 

This website is here to help with that.  We want this to be a daily, easy to access, resource for you to help improve your life in any and all areas we can. Our cliff note style blogs may give you the info and reminders you need to reduce anxiety, distance from toxic relationships, diagnose childhood traumas (and learn how they affect you today), battle breast cancer, dress for success, apply make up, own your power, protect your energy, get a promotion, invest wisely, discover what to binge on TV or even the best non toxic tanner on the market,   


We proudly call Heal Squad X Maria Menounos, your Life Improvement Series & is your Life Improvement website!   


A few things you will be able to dive into on the site that I am really excited about:


  1. You can shop my favorite products – from my clean makeup obsessions to my latest fashion finds!! Everything I use personally is here! 
  2. Get to know me better on my detailed “about me page” that includes some fun facts you might not know… 🙂 
  3. Blog Recaps from every Heal Squad X Maria Menounos episode. If you missed one during the week or need to be refreshed on lessons as we so often do, you can read our ‘Cliff Notes’ recap on the site.   From Mel Robbins’ High Five Habit’ technique that is scientifically proven to build confidence to Tony Robbins’ ‘Life is Happening FOR You Not TO You’ mantra that guides you through all life challenges, anxieties and roadblocks…all the life changing lessons are all here!


My goal is for you to be able to find helpful solutions to any and all of your problems with practical, free advice, tips and tools to help you be your best you. I hope it will be your new home and community. To the latter, if you’re new to the podcast, you’ll soon learn about our Heal Squad: our community of like minded people who want to heal themselves and help others do the same. Often they do as much as we do to support one another living fully up to the philosophy of being ‘Better Together.’   


And remember, we are just getting started!! Over time we are going to have even MORE resources.

I really am over-the-moon about this and hope you all love it as much as I do. One favor I would like to ask is to share it with a friend. If an article or one of the latest podcast episodes really speaks to you, share it! It’s you all who keep me, and our dedicated, caring staff, motivated to stay the course and maintain our mission to bring joy, healing and value to the world and our fellow humans.  Helping us to keep our show growing and thriving does just that.

So, ttyl for now. Go explore, enjoy and you will most definitely be hearing from me soon!!

Thank you all in advance. I couldn’t do it without you.

Love your big sis/little sis, Greek aunt, cousin, BFF or whatever you want to call me…😝