Maria Menounos

Who Said with Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Who said?! Who said we have to get married by 25? Have our dream job by 27? Have children by 30? Or whatever it is! Dr. Shefali Tsabary posed this question while filming an episode for my “Better Together with Maria Menounos” podcast and it really got me thinking. Society has programmed us to believe that we must abide by their playbook in order to be happy and to fit in – that if we follow the rules deemed “appropriate” and “acceptable,” we will live a happy/fulfilled life. But how many of us follow the playbook and still end up unhappy?? We are all such different beings, so how does it make sense that one way of life would work for us all? 

The only “right” way to live is doing what makes YOU happy. I bucked the system by not getting married for 20+ years nor did I marry within my culture. I also haven’t delivered the grandchildren my parents begged for yet despite my best efforts. ‘Who said’ that make me ‘less than’? Maybe in some people’s eyes but the only opinion that truly matters is your own! It’s not easy to always subscribe to that, trust me I know.  However, the next time you follow your heart or trust your gut to make an unpopular life decision, consider Dr. Tsabary and the question: Who said?. 

I’m definitely going to be applying this question more! Who said chocolate cake is bad for you? Wait, does that work? Ha! 

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