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Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent on On Motherhood, #MeToo & Her Healing Journey

Vanderpump Rules fan favorite, Lala Kent sat in with the Heal Squad to discuss her book, Give Them Lala. The book, which she dedicated to “those courageous enough to be themselves” is a raw and vulnerable look into her life – from her younger years to now. Through sharing her incredible journey, Lala gave us so many valuable takeaways on motherhood, abortion, and #MeToo. 

Born Lauren Burningham in Salt Lake City, Utah, this talented girl always had big dreams. Though she was constantly picked on and bullied throughout adolescence, Lauren didn’t let that deter her from her end goal to become an actress. Lauren made the move to Hollywood where she would face her fair share of difficulties. This included her own awful “Me Too” moment from a slimy agent, an abortion, slut shaming by Vanderpump cast members and fans, and more. It wasn’t long until she dropped the name “Lauren” and took on the name and persona of “Lala Kent,” which she viewed as her “armor” that protected her from all the hate. 

Through it all, Lala persevered and luckily, taught the Heal Squad many of the life lessons she learned along the way. 

1) Start off your day with morning intentions and end it with nightly reflections 

In the morning, state 3 things you want to accomplish that day and at night, reflect on them. Lala likes doing this with her husband as it allows them to reconnect and realign, even when they are going through a rough patch.

2) Everyone deserves the right to evolve

Do not let others judge you for your past actions. We all carry around weights and the guilt will only eat at you. 

3) Always trust your gut

Ladies, trust your intuition. It will never lie to you. When Lala met with a modeling agent, she felt that something was wrong. Later, he cornered her in an elevator and while she was able to leave unharmed, she realized she should’ve trusted her instincts from the beginning. 

4) Time really does heal all wounds

After a life-changing experience like an abortion, it is ok not to be ok. Cry, feel all of your emotions, and remember, time will heal the pain.

5) Ladies, be proud of your baby weight!

Gaining baby weight is not a negative thing. It is a reminder that you created a life. Your body created a human being and it should be celebrated. 

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