Maria Menounos

Using Brain-Heart Coherence With Gregg Braden

Maria Menounos on Brain-Heart Coherence

We got the opportunity to sit down with 5-time New York Times Best Selling Author known for his appearances in Ancient Aliens and his show Missing Links, and other publications linking science and spirituality, Gregg Braden. He shared with us how he was able to self heal his body from a tumor and the science behind brain-heart coherence. Gregg has continued to share his story with the world in hopes of teaching everyone how they can unlock their full potential with brain-heart coherence.

Gregg’s Journey 


Gregg was diagnosed with a growth on his bladder around twenty years ago and was advised to undergo an operation. During this time, Gregg also was coincidentally giving presentations around the world about emotional healing within the body and the importance of brain- heart coherence. Upon diagnosis, Gregg looked at the situation as an opportunity to demonstrate what he has publicly claimed many times to be true. For two weeks, he practiced communicating with the body and was able to place himself in heart brain coherence. He went into surgery and woke up to his physician asking him why he was in the hospital if nothing was wrong with him. Turns out Gregg was able to practice what he preached and was able to heal his bladder tumor through brain- heart coherence in the time span of two weeks. 

The Reasoning Behind Brain- Heart Coherence


Gregg explains most people have never been taught how precious and powerful the human body is. Humans are advised to hold technology as our savior when our body is the only form of life itself that is made of 50 trillion cells that have electrical circuits in constant dialogue. The human body is an advanced technology with the ability to access a fundamental force of nature on demand to bring about change in our bodies. Physicians cling to obsolete science rather than cling to where new discoveries might lead. Studies have shown the most potent environment is our emotional environment in our bodies which can channel a chemical reaction in response that results in healing. Gregg explains our emotional environment is also the one humans are the least conditioned and trained to understand. Looking at diagnosed diseases from the point of view that we are already healed and just need to further our healing has been proven to result in scientific improvements within the human body.

How to Achieve Brain- Heart Coherence


The three starting steps to heart brain coherence are shifting focus from mind to heart, shifting breathing to awaken the parasympathetic nervous system, and shift in emotion and gratitude. Scientifically, it has been proven that three minutes of this practice has been shown to increase DHEA levels over 100 percent, lower cortisol levels by 23%, strengthen immune responses, increase heart rate variability, and awaken longevity enzymes. Gregg explains this process begins by having a conversation with your body about healing and coming from a place of power instead of a place of fear. We’ve been told something is wrong with us when our body isn’t broken. In reality, it is trying to signal us when there is too much or too little of something in a particular environment. Gregg explains the secret lies with incorporating multiple senses from a perspective of gratitude rather than a powerless place of asking for something to happen, but to give thanks for something that has as already occurred.