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Two Lessons That Changed Camila McConaughey’s Life

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Recently we interviewed model and health advocate Camila McConaughey on her impressive career.  From being a model to becoming the co-owner of Yummy Spoonfuls, an organic food company that sells baby/ toddler foods, and now recently an author of with her new children’s book “Just Try One Bite.” During the podcast she told us the two lessons that changed her life and how she got to where she is today. 


Here are the two lessons she shared with us: 


1) Don’t let fear drive your decision making 

Camila mentioned that when her now husband, Matthew McConaughey, proposed to her she hesitated and wanted to say no initially. At the moment she realized that she was responding out of fear because of how she saw her parents’ marriage fail as a child. Camila obviously said yes after but she learned to not let others’ mistakes control her life.


2) Know your worth 

Growing up she had to learn this lesson quickly, especially as a young woman who was trying to break into the modeling scene at fifteen years old. When trying to work her way into the modeling industry, she was working at an Italian restaurant as a host. She wanted to quit the job to work elsewhere, but her boss believed she could move her way up. When she told him she wanted to quit he yelled and cussed her out, out of frustration. Camila then told him she would stay, but only under one condition. Her condition was that he would never yell or disrespect her like that ever again. Camila knew she was worthy of respect and that no one should ever take advantage of someone in that way, regardless of position or status.


Camila’s life lessons are lessons we all can learn from , regardless of any circumstances. Interested in learning more about Camila and her journey? Check out the podcast episode below!  


Click here to listen to our full episode with Camila Alves McConaughey! 

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