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Tools to Help Cope with Daily Anxiety with Jay Glazer

A staple in the NFL franchise, sports reporter Jay Glazer has seamlessly hosted hundreds of shows with style and swag. But what if told you that during every TV appearance Jay has a panic attack? That he struggles with lifelong depression? In our vulnerable interview with the TV personality, we learn more about his mental health journey. He shares things he’s picked up along the way that has given him tools to help cope with the daily anxiety and stresses that come with depression, or “the gray” as he calls it.  

The 3-Part Formula To Get Out Of A Funk

Part 1) Build your team

Having a support group when you fall into those dark times is so important. However, the only way to cultivate those relationships is by being vulnerable and expressing when you need help. 

Part 2) Be of service

Giving back is an instant mood-booster, and you don’t need to be a person of means to do this. When Jay was broke, he would go to the 99 cents story and buy supplies to give out to kids in the projects. On Christmas, he would collect wish-lists for Santa from the post-office and buy the gifts and hand-deliver them to the child’s doorstep. Being of service can also just mean calling to check up on a friend and telling them you love them. It doesn’t take much! 

Part 3) Lean on laughter 

The gray HATES laughter. Jay is always pulling pranks on his friends, particularly Michael Strahan (you’ll have to listen to the episode to hear about the insanely embarrassing text messages he sent from Michael’s phone to NFL CEOs and players…). Laughter is KEY to keeping that darkness away. 

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Key Takeaways From Jay’s Interview

Different is good, different is success – Those suffering from mental illness may feel ashamed of what makes them different, but Jay views it from another perspective. He has a lot of scars and he is proud of them because they allowed him to approach his job differently than those who preceded him, which is the reason he is so championed today. 
The Blueprint for Greatness – If you want to succeed, find out who is best and do more than them. Outwork everyone around you. The hours you put in when no one is watching is what leads to greatness. 
Ask For Help – Michael Strahan has been Jay’s best friend for 30 years, and it was only months ago that he opened up to him about his depression. All Michael wanted to do was be there for his friend and was disappointed that he never reached out. If Jay could have just gotten past the shame, he would have had someone to lean on for decades. His embarrassment kept him from a great source of support. So for anyone going through something similar – don’t let this happen to you too! 
Talk to your younger self – For those who need a little extra love in the childhood department, try talking to little you. Jay talks to little Jason and tells him all of the amazing things he’s accomplished. And then he asks, “would you hold your head a little higher if you knew all that we did?” Start healing that younger you that is buried deep down, they deserve some love too. 

Listen to the full interview here:

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