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The Steps To Begin Healing From Trauma with Gabby Bernstein


If you’re reading this, you’ve experienced trauma. We all have. Our entire way of being was flipped on its head 2 years ago, and still hasn’t recovered. We were locked away and told not to leave our houses. It can feel hopeless, like there is no coming back from all that we have endured. We are here to tell you that is NOT true and that you can, in fact, thrive even while working through traumas. Lucky for us, motivational speaker and spiritual leader Gabby Bernstein came onto Better Together to teach us the steps to begin healing from trauma! 

1) The different types of trauma

Experiences such as sexual assault, physical abuse, loss of a parent and things of the sort are commonly known as “big T traumas.” We as a society have been better at treating these wounds. However, we still often neglect the “little T” traumas which include bullying, being told you are not smart, etc. While less extreme, these experiences have the same effect on the body as big T traumas. They can cause lack of sleep, loss of appetite and hurt your ability to connect with others, just to name a few. So yes, it is important to tend to more glaringly obvious gashes, but we cannot forget about the “smaller” issues. 

2) Trauma is the root of addiction 

Oftentimes when we put down one drug of choice, we just pick up another. That is because we don’t address the root cause of addiction, which is trauma. Our addictive patterns are protection that we have developed in response to past traumas. So, unless you address the trauma that enabled this behavior, you will continue down an addictive path. If you’re someone who is struggling with addiction, it may be helpful to take a look at what in your past is triggering this behavior. 


3) Thank your past selves

Gabby looks back at her life and thanks the person she was at different stages, because she was just doing the best she could. She thanks drug-addict Gabby and says “Good job. You did the best you could.” She does the same for co-dependent Gabby and workaholic Gabby. Appreciate who you used to be, because it formed who you are now.  Also, maybe it was that addiction which numbed your pain just enough to keep you here and from not doing something more harmful to yourself, including suicide. 


4) Trauma manifests to illness

Gabby shares the teachings of physician Dr. John Sarno, who claims that our physical conditions have a psychosomatic connection. Gabby had severe gastrointestinal issues for years, but she believes it really all stemmed from unresolved PTSD and trauma. Our producer Kelsey who suffers from sibo also feels that a lot of her stomach issues are a result of her stress.  


5) Celebrate small wins 

This one may seem obvious, but it is important to say – celebrate the small victories! Those little incremental changes will guide and motivate you to continue on the path of healing and growth. 


For more than sixteen years, Gabby Bernstein has been transforming lives—including her own. The #1 New York Times bestselling author has penned nine books, and was featured on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday as a “next-generation thought leader.” The New York Times identified Gabby as “a new role model.”

Listen to the full interview here!

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