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The Secret To Successfully Starting A Business

Social media fitness entrepreneur and founder of Blogilates Cassey Ho went from pre-med to founding and running a multimillion dollar company, even though it went against her parents wishes. Cassey shares how she made a 360 career change and reveals her secrets to successfully starting a business. Plus, she shares how we can find JOY in working out… and sustain it. 


Don’t let the moment pass 

Cassey submitted her first yoga bag to several magazines and when she finally saw one in a major publication, she took fate up on its offer. She quit her job and flew out to China to find a manufacturer for the bags. 

Maria Menounos guest Cassey Ho on Successfully Starting a Business
How to navigate pushback from your family

Cassey’s immigrant parents weren’t thrilled when she dropped out of pre-med to pursue a career in fitness, but she didn’t let that stop her from going after her dream. She had to put her blinders on and believe in herself. 


How to find joy in working out

It is understandable that most people begin their fitness journeys because they want to lose weight. However, in order to sustain that motivation, you need to find a deeper why. For example, is it that you want to gain more confidence? When it gets tough, that deeper why will keep you on your path. 


Allow yourself to fail

Cassey found that flexibility is the key to everything. She gave herself the freedom to fail because from her business mishaps, she became one step closer to figuring out what worked. 


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