Maria Menounos

The Spray That Everyone Needs


You guys, I have found what I feel is the closest thing to a real-life magic potion, and it is called Briotech. All Briotech products are made with Hypochlorous Acid, also known as HOCL, describing the elements hydrogen, oxygen, and chlorine. HOCL is produced inside the white blood cells, in a process called phagocytosis, as one of the key components of your internal defense system working to fight infection and bacteria and enhance the healing process. It is produced by all humans and animals, and even some plants. Basically, it helps the body recover. I first learned about it from my show producer, Kelsey as she was using it to sanitize in order to prevent Covid. I am always looking for the facts and data, which is why I trust Briotech so much. It is the first pure, most-stable and effective HOCL out on the market AND is backed by science with over a decade of research. It has helped me with:


Getting rid of blemishes:

When Max kissed me and I broke out all around my chin and jaw (he had water from a moldy fountain!), I used some of their BrioCare Skin Renew Toner on the affected area and it dried up all of the white heads within 2 days. It also helped my mother’s caretaker reduce inflammation on her cystic acne. 


COVID-19 disinfection:

During the height of the pandemic, I would spray the Briotech Sanitizer + Disinfectant all over the house, especially because my mom and dad were living with me at the time. I swear by it. It has proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on hard surfaces! I also put a little Briotech Surface + Air Cleanser in the humidifier to help clean and deodorize the air if guests were visiting. 


Preventing bed sores:

I have also heard from many that Briotech can relieve bed sores! You have to drench the area and let it dry. Bed sores are nasty and painful and I’m glad to know there’s something that actually can work to assist with them as one of the beautiful qualities of Brio is that it manages abrasions with noticeable results! I know this because someone who had been suffering from severe bed sores for 2 years shared that when they used this spray, all of their sores were gone within a month. Their BrioCare Abrasia line is available in a mist and a gel.


I never vouch for products I don’t stand for, which is why I am sharing Briotech with all of you. It has really helped me a lot, especially over this last year as I tried to keep my mother as comfortable as possible.


 If anyone is interested, you can shop using the link below get an automatic discount:


I go into greater detail explaining how I have used Briotech in an episode of my podcast “Heal Squad X Maria Menounos.” You can click the link below if you are interested in watching 🙂