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Nocebo Effect: The Power of Your Mind

Cindy Dale Better Together with Maria

We’ve all heard of the placebo effect, but how about the nocebo effect? Cyndi Dale talks about this and the power of the mind in our interview with her on Better Together. Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned energy healer, speaker, and the author of 28 books. Her books range from topics like energy medicine, intuition, and spirituality. Her most recent book, ‘Advanced Chakra Healing Four Pathways to Energetic Wellness and Transformation’  argues that if you believe something bad is going to happen, it probably will. In fact, studies find that there is a 75-80% chance of it happening!

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Cyndi shares a story to back up this claim that completely shocked the Better Together team. Decades ago in a stadium in San Diego, a few of the sports announcers felt sick and checked into the infirmary. It was thought that they got sick from the soda, so it was announced over the loudspeaker to the whole stadium that the soda-pop dispensers were polluted. Within minutes everyone rushed out and the local ERs were flooded with sick patients from the game. It was later found that there was nothing wrong with the drinks at all. Just hearing that there was potentially something in the soda, made people actually physically sick. This only proving how strong the mind-body connection truly is!

Have you ever experienced a nocebo effect like this? Share your stories with us!

Maria Menounos Guest Cyndi Dale on The Power of the Mind

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