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The Power of Breath with Natasha Graziano

We had a conversation with Natasha Graziano about the power of breath this week; from homeless to building an empire, Natasha has so much to share. Known as the #1 Female Mindset Coach & life coach to the stars, she is also ranked as the #1 motivational speaker. After having her son, she hit rock bottom with her health and business. She became homeless and was struggling with addiction but she hid this and wasn’t public about it. She posted on social as though she was still living this abundant life, which created the life she has now. Natasha further shares with us the 4 ways that she got through that hurdle in her life and achieved the dream life she wanted to live.

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The Power of Breath with Natasha Graziano 
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Listen to your calling, not your critic:

It’s hard to be yourself unapologetically, it’s a journey. It’s about not listening to the small voices and the people you grew up with holding you back. They are still stagnant in their lives and would love to be doing what you are doing, you are growing and evolving. You cannot let these small voices get in your way of becoming your best self. You do it for the greater good. The overall greater good. Listen to what is your calling, if you listen to the hate that will ruin you and pull you down. 

We all want to be liked, and we worry about getting a universal like that is impossible. So you have to look at it in this mindset where you realize you are not going to please everyone. Why waste precious time trying to get that?

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You have to go through it, to get through it. 

Everyone is afraid to be their bold selves, and the best advice for that is to not have that fear. Be unapologetically you. Show up today in what feels good to you because it emulates you. You are representing your soul and doing it for you and inspiring those who may not be unapologetically themselves yet. When you lose your sparkle, you are not you. When you show up every day being yourself, it will help you feel your best. 

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You have to be living in that truth for it to manifest for you.

You are attracting what energy you put out. When you become your full self on the outside with your wardrobe, you attract that authentic energy. Sometimes your wardrobe can make or break your life, you create your character and write your script. So, who do you want to be? Think about your script in How, When, Who, Why, Where? Start writing your ideal life in a script. Write a story about yourself with a happy ending. It helps your brain store it as a memory so it doesn’t know if it’s real or not and therefore manifests it into reality. 

Positivity, confidence, and happiness it’s whether you believe it or not. Acting as if it’s already happening, helps it become reality and becomes you. 

If you hold resentment in your body, it is literally creating issues and disease. You have to decide to let go so you can grow. You have to reprogram your mind which is why meditation is so powerful. It’s the breathing technique combined with meditation and anchoring and reprogramming your mind to become the new version of you in your subconscious mind. So your reality starts seeing new things and becoming the best version of yourself. 

Recreate who you are, when you are in your darkest moment. 

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Start rewriting your script to manifest your best life. 

The Power of Breath can bring you to a zen state in your meditation and unlock that higher potential. When you meditate in that state, you are removing the limiting belief and allowing yourself to go deeper and deeper. Having these limitations in your meditation blocks you from everything in life, replace that limiting belief in that altered state of awareness with words of affirmation and whatever it is you want to achieve. Then you come out the other side reprogrammed with what you want. But breathing is the most important part of it all. The power of breath work is so important to reaching your highest potential and manifesting the ultimate reality.

Implementing these four tips into your manifestation routine will push you into entering your best life and the best version of yourself to allow you to create the life you want to live. 

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