Maria Menounos

Maria’s Winning Combo For The Perfect At-Home Manicure

Ladies, we all have the same problem. We want our nails to look amazing, but it comes at a cost: paper-thin, brittle nails at the hands of gels. Look no further, I have a solution! I have found a polish that looks like gel, feels like gel, but won’t destroy your nails like gel. Allow me to introduce you to Dazzle Dry! It goes on like a normal nail polish, comes off like a normal nail polish, but acts like a gel. This means It doesn’t chip and dries in less than five minutes!! 

I have had my polish on for 2 weeks now and it remains flawless even after traveling to New York from LA, running around the city, going to Sag Harbor and then Connecticut, visiting goat farms, rummaging through construction at my East Coast home, and then flying back to LA. There is not one chip in my nails. It’s amazing! 

And for those of you who have ruined your nails from gels, don’t fret. Mine were destroyed too but after 3 weeks of using the Country Life Biotin Spray Skin and Nails, they were back to their strong selves. So if your nails are damaged, before doing anything else, use this spray, get your nails healthy, and then use Dazzle Dry

Between the two of these products, your nails will be looking and feeling amazing in no time! I do say this from my personal experience.