Maria Menounos

The Office BFFs: Tips for Business Success

Maria Menounos guests Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey on Business Success

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey started their friendship on the set of The Office, playing co-workers and frenemies and since then have gone on to become real-life besties and business partners. They learned a lot along the way, but they recently shared with us on the podcast that there are some key things that they feel helped them navigate their careers and find business success.


Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey’s Tips for Business Success:


1. Say yes! 

Say yes to opportunities. Although they may scare you, just say yes. When Jenna and Angela started their podcast, neither of them had any idea what they were doing. However, once they decided to just sit down and do it, doors and opportunities just opened up. The power of saying yes can be so strong and beneficial. Just because you have never done something before does not mean you’re not equipped for it. Just say yes to new things!


2. Trust Others 

Learning to trust other people is essential in building business developments as well as relationships with other people. Angela and Jenna talk about how in their careers together, they have learned to trust each other and have learned how that is essential to creating successful business adventures. When they were both nervous about starting a podcast and jumping into an unknown field, they trusted and relied on each other for support. 


3. Balance

Finding balance in yourself and with others is so important in feeling productive and successful. Jenna and Angela discuss how their work styles and daily routines are wildly different, but what’s important is finding balance in whatever your routine is.. While Jenna likes to work at night, Anglea finds it easier  to wake up early and get started on the day. Finding people and routines in your life that balance you is what keeps things moving smoothly. 


Want to hear more about how Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have built their friendship and their careers? Check out the full episode here!

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