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The Most Effective Method For Lasting Weight Loss

Chief Scientific Officer at WW, formerly Weight Watchers International, Dr. Gary Foster sat down with Maria to talk about the most important factor to achieve lasting weight loss: mindset.  Studies actually show that the better you feel about your body at the beginning of the journey, the more weight you lose. The diet culture that is so instilled in our society fosters thoughts of self-deprecation, which only leads to poorer results and in turn, feeds those negative thoughts. You can break this cycle, though, with Dr. Foster’s tips and we really hope you take his advice because no matter what number is on that scale, you should always feel beautiful. 

Keep a positive mindset

In a scientific study conducted by the University of Texas, it was found that participants who felt better about their bodies actually ate less sweets/ candy. Dr. Foster has found the same to be true for his own patients. If you find yourself in times of self-incrimination, repeat this: “I am going to treat myself and my body with the reverence and respect it deserves”

Make small shifts

Maria also chronicles her 40-pound weight loss journey in this interview and shares that she never put herself on a strict diet but instead, just started eating smaller portions of her food and also didn’t deprive herself of any sweets. When she saw the results in the mirror, it only made her more motivated to work out and eat healthier. Whereas when you are on a diet and “cheat,” you start beating yourself up and as we know, a positive mindset is vital for weight loss. 

Talk to yourself as a friend

If you catch yourself in a negative headspace, write down the phrases you say to yourself and contrast that with ones you would say to a friend in the same situation. Chances are you’ll find that you really aren’t being nice to yourself. So next time you get in that mindset, remember this and start talking to yourself like someone you love. 

Set smaller goals

You will more likely accomplish smaller, more specific goals which will in turn make you feel good about yourself, motivating you to continue on your journey. Celebrating the small victories along the way is vital to maintaining a positive mindset. 

Change how you look at your body

Start to look at your body functionally instead of aesthetically. Think about what your arms do for you instead of it being flabby. The body is so powerful and viewing it from that perspective can help you from focusing on what you don’t like about it. 

Find your people

Often people think they have to take their weight-loss journey alone but this is not true! Ask for help, but be specific about it. If you want to work-out after dinner, ask your partner to watch the kids at night. If you want to cut back on sweets, ask your friends not to push you to try a bite of their dessert. 

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