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The Best Makeup Wipe Alternative

Many people ask me if I had one piece of advice to give on my secret to maintaining youthful skin, what would it be?  Other than avoiding the sun I would say I have NEVER gone to bed without washing my face. I just don’t do it. No matter how tired, lazy, drunk or annoyed I am, I always wash my face. In doing so, I used to use wipes as my first step in cleansing my skin. It made me feel like I could really get in there and clean my skin better than just an oil or cleanser. That was just my feeling. BUT now I’ve learned how much we are destroying our skin with those harsh makeup wipes. I had no idea! Well, I came across a less harsh, eco-friendly product to replace the wipes: my Makeup Eraser. These are the best makeup wipe alternative!

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Maria Menounos Must Have Makeup Wipe Alternative
How It Works

My Makeup Eraser is a polyester cloth made up of millions of tiny hair-like fibers that work together to create suction for all dirt, makeup and oil in your pores. Just wet the Makeup Eraser wipe with water and start cleaning  your face and boom, your face is makeup-free. It truly is like magic as it literally just deletes the makeup! I always follow with my cleanser, but the Makeup Eraser is so great because it takes off mascara , eyeliner etc.  One makeup eraser is equal to 3600 wipes!!!! Also, it’s dermatologist approved for sensitive skin. (I can vouch for having sensitive skin, too!) 

And the best part? The Makeup Eraser wipes are super inexpensive AND like I said reusable! They last 3-5 years. I’m telling you, you NEED  to try it. 


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