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Terry and Rebecca Crews on The Secrets to a Long and Successful Marriage & Their Relationship with God

If you have long, long term relationship goals, this is THE post for you. Terry Crews and wife Rebecca King Crews sat in with the Heal Squad to discuss their four decade long relationship and marriage that took them through their teen years to careers in the NFL and Hollywood followed by experiences with addiction, separation, healing and reconciliation. This amazing duo shares how they navigated it all and came out on top and how they continue to grow. They also give us some of their secrets to a long and successful marriage.

In this interview, Terry reveals that the couple hit a years-long rough patch once they moved out to California. He started his Hollywood journey and instead of finding a balance between work and family, he focused all of his energy into his career, which left Rebecca feeling alone and abandoned. Their relationship only got worse as Terry became controlling and developed addictive behavior. After years of putting up with her husband’s destructiveness, Rebecca finally walked out. Suddenly, the walls came crumbling down and Terry was faced with the reality check he never saw coming. Terry fought hard to get his family back, doing anything and everything he could to regain their trust. However, Rebecca was ready to walk away…until God told her to reconcile with Terry. She found power in forgiveness and the couple came out stronger than ever.


Here are five quick abbreviated takeaways:
1)  Life is like a pie – you have family, friends, kids, hobbies, etc. 

Whatever you give your time to, you will be good at. However, just because one area of your life is thriving does not mean that all areas are succeeding. 


2) When you forgive others, God will forgive you.

God told Rebecca to spread the love around and that He is forgiving all humans so that we can forgive each other.  


3) Develop a listening ear to hear God.

Practice not just praying and talking, but trying to listen to God and the signs around you. And the more you practice this, the easier it will be to hear God.  


4) The 3 secrets to marriage
  1. You cannot control your partner
  2. Forgiveness is important
  3. Invite God into your union because God teaches you how to properly love each other
5) Do not fall victim to “my bad” culture

Today, we live in a “my bad” culture in which we do not make amends. Terry was willing to do anything to get his family back and fought harder for them than he did in the NFL to do so. 

Listen to the full interview here:

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