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Three Ways to Stop Pushing People Away

Maria Menounos Has Three Tips to Stop Pushing People Away

Pushing people away is something that many of us struggle with or have experienced from others in our lives. It can stem from unhealthy coping mechanisms, inability to deal with our emotions, or fear. Although pushing people away is normal, it is also detrimental to both ourselves and others, so here are three tips that will help you fight that tendency.

  1. Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Living.

Often, you might push others away out of fear. You might ask: What if they don’t like the real me? Or what if they end up hurting me? However, you can’t let fear stop you from living your life. Yes, being hurt sucks, but if you flip the script and instead view pain as an opportunity to grow, you can allow yourself to live a healthier and fuller life. It’s scary to open up to someone and get close with them because you never know how it will end, but you’ll always be better for the experience.

2. It’s Okay to Make Mistakes.

In addition to those relationship based fears, you might also be afraid of failure. For example, if you consider yourself intuitive and a good judge of character, but then let someone in who is not a healthy person for you, you might feel like you failed to live up to your own and others’ expectations for yourself. We all sometimes get duped or hurt by others who we thought we could trust, and that’s okay! It is important to remember that you cannot control other people’s actions, only your own reaction to them; and you can’t blame yourself for letting someone in and seeing the good in them even if they ultimately hurt you.

3. You Don’t Have to Listen to Everyone all the Time.

Another reason that you might push people away is that you’re afraid of how they might judge your choices. Although others may have good advice and their own perspective on what you should be doing, you have to follow your gut when it comes to making personal and professional decisions. Only YOU know what’s best for you, and even people who care about you might have different values than you that would lead to them making different choices. When receiving advice, be sure to note how successful that person is in the area of life that you’re asking about, and observe how their personal values align or clash with your own. Then you can decide if you should follow all, some, or none of their advice in that situation.

Kelsey Meyer

Kelsey Meyer

Kelsey Meyer is a rising producer who traded the rain of Seattle for the sunshine of Los Angeles. She currently co-hosts and co-produces Better Together w/ Emmy-winning journalist Maria Menounos, and considers herself a student of pop culture. Kelsey is a late-night afficinado, comedy nerd, unashamed Boy Band lover, and health and wellness junkie, who loves Facetiming her mom while wine-buzzed.

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