Hello EveryGirl & happy early Mother’s Day to all you amazing moms out there!

I can’t believe it’s spring already! Since I last connected with you all through this newsletter, a lot has gone on in my life. As you may or may not know, after 18 years, we lost our Bichon Frise Baby. She was my first dog and a dream come true for me as I longed for a dog my whole life. She was such a fighter and was with Keven and I since the very beginning of our relationship. Losing her was tough on on us but we found comfort in knowing that she is no longer in pain, and shifted our tears over to celebrating her amazing life and the joy she brought to our family. I also got to see my parents for a few days in Connecticut which brought me so much happiness. My mother, who is battling stage 4 brain cancer, has been fighting hard each day and I’m so proud of her. The love my parents have for one another is so beautiful to see. We had so many laughs and LOTS of food (we’re Greek so that’s not a huge surprise!)

My life continues to become happier and more peaceful every week since my surgery and I truly believe it’s due to my constant state of gratitude. If it means taking a few minutes a day to jot down what you’re thankful for, or taking the time to meditate and focus on the things that you’re grateful for, it helps to shift your focus to the positive.

I want you to know how grateful I am to all of you. Your emails and messages continue to bring so much light into my life. Thank you for your continual support, prayers and beautiful messages.