Hello EveryGirl!

During these past few weeks, I spent time with my mother in LA while my dad and Keven were in Connecticut doing some renovations on our home. This was the first time since I was a child that I had my mother to myself so it was very special to me. During her stay, I made it my mission to take her healing to the next level. She learned how to meditate, began writing a daily journal, created a vision board for the upcoming year and had healing and therapy sessions. We also celebrated her 64th birthday which was beautiful. Last year my friend took her painting and she LOVED it. She often referred back to that experience saying she wanted to do another paint night, so we decided to have paint night come to her and threw her a surprise paint and brunch party at my home. We even customized the painting so that my mother could paint her hometown of Kalamata Greece. The day turned out to be better than ever and my mother had so much fun!

She and I also attended Stand Up To Cancer which holds a special place in both our hearts. Two years ago she and I were watching Stand Up To Cancer from her hospital bed after she had brain surgery to remove her tumor. I remember sitting in the hospital bed looking at my mother and feeling overwhelmed with fear as I thought about what was ahead for us. The journey was and continues to be challenging for everyone in my family, but we will continue to fight until her tumor is a distant memory. Miracles DO happen, and my mother is a walking example of a miracle. After her diagnosis, we were told to let her eat what she wanted–insinuating that she didn’t have much time left. We of course, did not let that happen. Instead, we cut all sugars out of her diet (the fuel cancer feeds on) and started her on a new path in life–one in which nutrition and emotional health were a daily priority. Two years later I was again looking at my mother as we watched Stand Up To Cancer, only this time, it wasn’t fear I felt, it was happiness.

I want to let you know that this will be my last newsletter until after the new year as I will be getting married in Greece, going on my honeymoon and spending time with family. I am so grateful to all of you for your continual support, prayers & beautiful messages and look forward to connecting with you again after the new year. <3