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Ralph Macchio on The 3 Things He’s Learned Since Becoming “The Karate Kid”

MAria Menounos guest Ralph Macchio on the 3 Things He Learned Since Becoming "The Karate Kid"

Cobra Kai and Karate Kid star, Ralph Macchio, joins the team this week to discuss his new Cobra Kai book tour, Maria herself is an avid fan of Cobra Kai and speaks on the multi-generational nature of the fandom. He shared with Heal Squad 3 things he’s learned since becoming “The Karate “Kid,” from the difficulties of navigating fame, and the temptations that come with Hollywood stardom, as well as the evolution Macchio has felt in the duration of his career. 

The 3 Things Ralph Macchio Has Learned Since Becoming “The Karate Kid”
The Legacy of The Karate Kid

Macchio’s focus for his book, “Waxing on: The Karate Kid and Me,” was to inspire fans who have been impacted by his part in both The Karate Kid and the Cobra Kai series. With the variety in ages and demographics of the fans, he’s been able to see the impact his  role and The Karate Kid played in the lives of many. There are couples in their 50’s, college age fans and even teenagers showing up to the book tour dressed as characters from the movie series. Macchio likens it to the marvel cinematic universe, in his cult-like following. The legacy of The Karate Kid was not one he anticipated nor the lasting impact it would have on his life when he first auditioned. His character has left a huge impact culturally, as a childhood icon to many. 

Always Find the Balance

He gives an insightful perspective on the evolution of his career; discussing how he first started out in the acting sphere, the process of becoming his character Daniel Russo in Karate Kid, and how that role completely changed his life. As he prepared for his legendary role, Macchio found that his personality morphed into his character Russo, even in the original audition tapes you get a sense of this blended persona. Being known for such a massive role has had both positive and negative effects on his career as an actor. Macchio spoke on the temptations that fame can bring, and the importance of remaining grounded in the entertainment industry so as to not let the glitz and glam of fame lead you astray. He found there to be highs and lows through the years, which led him to expand into screenwriting and directing as a new creative outlet. This eb and flow in his career taught him to always find the balance even when things shifted around him.

Make a Decision and Stand By It

Macchio shares something The Karate Kid taught him about the importance of decisiveness in all that you do with a quote from Mr. Miagi, “Stand on the left, or the right but if you stand in the middle you’re sure to get run over.” This is a key component to the successes Macchio has seen in his career, whether that be in screenwriting, acting or directing. Despite the ups and downs and variety of areas he has tried his hand at, as well the difficulty he has found being typecast since his role in Karate Kid. 

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