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Overcoming Failure with Bethenny Frankel


On Better Together, we got to speak with Bethenny Frankel, housewife turned business woman, on her experiences with overcoming failure and building boundaries in business. Bethenny discussed her take on what failure really means to her and how she deals with it, as well as how she’s made herself into a strong business woman and how she carries herself in that environment.


Here are some of her tips on how to deal with failure and how to build boundaries for yourself in business. 


1. Create your own definition of failure

Many people see that something not working is simply a failure. However, Bethenny says failure is something one can define on their own. She touches on her own experiences with her talk show to explain this. When attempting to launch her talk show, she felt immense anxiety and stress with the idea and concept of it. So, when it didn’t get picked up it seemed like it failed, but in reality she was relieved it didn’t. What looked like a fail to the public was actually a win for Bethenny because it wasn’t what she wanted. 


2. Trust that if it’s meant to be, it’ll work out

Bethenny explains how she doesn’t view failures as a negative, but a way of getting unwanted things out of the way. If it’s meant to be, it’ll work out. Don’t hold on to things too tight, because if it is something that is meant for you and your path, then it will work out. She believes that if you work hard and efficiently, no path is a bad path. It’s all about letting things work themselves out and not beating yourself up for what may be considered a failure. 


3. Don’t live in fear

In business, Bethenny believes that you can’t live in fear and let yourself create a dynamic where you are afraid of those above you. Especially for women, it can be tough to feel like you have a say above your boss or supervisor. However, your voice is valid. Knowing your worth and knowing when to walk away if someone tries to diminish your voice is key in establishing those personal boundaries. Stand up for yourself and don’t let someone treat you smaller simply because they want to see you as someone smaller. 


Maria Menounos guest Bethenny Frankel on Overcoming Failure

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