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Our Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Relationship

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Maria Menounos on Our Secrets to a Happy & Healthy Relationship
Maria Menounos on Our Secrets to a Happy & Healthy Relationship

Let’s be real, navigating relationships can be tough. We are all on our own individual growth journey and in a constant state of evolution. With that, your relationship with your partner will be too. As you discover new versions of yourselves, you and your partner will face some growing pains, IT HAPPENS! Kev and I have been through many growth periods and through it all we have been each other’s biggest supporters. We may not be experts, but we do have experience! Here are some of the secrets we’ve learned along the way that help us have a happy and healthy relationship.


Your friendship will carry you farther than anything

You may be in a relationship, but are you genuinely friends with your partner? This friendship becomes the foundational piece that keeps life fun and keeps you close. There will be times when life gets busy or really difficult, but the friendship is what will sustain the relationship during these moments.


Trust goes both ways 

Trust is one of the most important factors in a relationship. Trusting your partner and being trustworthy yourself is how you can deepen your connection to one another. When you can trust your partner, you feel comfortable being vulnerable with them; you know they’ll have your back; you know they will pick up the slack when things get tough. But this means you also have to do these things for your partner too. It goes both ways!


It’s not about winning

You’re on the same team! Sometimes, it’s better to put it behind you than fight until there is a “winner.” Sometimes I say sorry even if I feel I’m right because at the end of the day, no one “wins” when there is animosity or anger being held onto.


Miscommunication happens all time

You’re going to have misunderstandings. You can’t avoid it! It’s all about how you move forward from it. Always give each other grace and respect in these situations.


Keep evolving as human beings and as a couple  

Like I said, we are always evolving as individuals and discovering new versions of ourselves. This means our relationships grow as we do. Being intentional and supportive of your partner every step of the way is how you can continue to grow together. I’ve been doing meditations and retreats with Joe Dispenza and now that Kev has seen the results and impact it’s had on me, he wants to dive in and be on the same page with me! Always striving to be on the same wavelength has helped us maintain a happy and healthy relationship over the years.


Do the work to support your partner and vice versa

You and your partner should be each other’s biggest cheerleaders during all of the good and their rock during the bad. Both scenarios require genuine work to show that love and support to your partner. Every relationship is different, so it’s important to know your partner well enough to support them in the ways that they specifically need in those moments. Kev stepped up to help me when mom was sick. He gave me breaks and handled everything so I would be stronger for the fight and not break down. He saw it coming and would give me a break. So helpful when a partner can say-go-I got this.


Keep making one another laugh and watch TV together

Laughter is so good for the soul. Kev and I live to laugh! We have inside jokes and we still laugh 24 years later like we did in the beginning. Trust me sometimes we wanna run from each other lol -it ain’t all sun shines and rainbows as rocky says BUT we hang in and keep trying! When the days get a little mundane or busy, always schedule in time to spend together, even if it’s just enjoying a TV show together and making each other laugh. These moments that seem so simple are bigger than you might think. They keep you connected, engaged, and finding joy in one another every single day!


Moral of the story, relationships take work, but if you are willing to do the work they can be the biggest blessings in your life. Obviously these are just a few tips, but we hope you can take this advice and find it useful in maintaining a happy and healthy relationship with your partner! 


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