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Navigate Life in 2023 with Astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo

Jessica Lanyadoo is a well-known astrologer, spiritual teacher, and author who recently appeared on Maria Menounos’ podcast, “Heal Squad,” to discuss her predictions for 2023. In this episode, Lanyadoo shared her insights on the astrological trends and events that will shape the upcoming year. She acknowledged how listeners can use this information to navigate life in 2023.

Navigate Life in 2023 with Astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo

Lanyadoo started by discussing the astrological alignment of 2023. This is characterized by several powerful and transformative planets moving into new positions. She explained how these alignments will influence various aspects of our lives. Our relationships, careers, health, and well-being can be impacted.

One of the key themes of 2023, according to Lanyadoo, is a focus on personal growth and evolution. She predicts that many people will be feeling a strong urge to make changes in their lives. Whether starting a new career, ending a toxic relationship, or exploring new spiritual practices, there will be shifts. Lanyadoo encourages embracing this energy and taking advantage of the opportunities presented in the coming year. 

With this in mind, she shared some practical tips and tools to help navigate life in 2023. 

Take Everything with a Mason Jar of Salt:

When seeking predictions, no one knows until it happens. Predictions are only valuable if they motivate us to do something to co-create the best possible outcomes. A lot of people turn to astrologers at the start of a new year for fun and curiosity and out of fear. Usually, when you hear something it becomes an earworm and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is why they are only valuable when they are motivating us toward the best possible outcomes and helping us navigate life. 

Pair what you hear with common sense and facts. No matter what you hear, you risk sliding down a slope where you lose touch with reality instead of using spirituality as a tool to become more aligned and better participants in our lives and the world around us. In order to properly navigate life in 2023, don’t only use what you hear for individual benefit.

Motivate Through Love:

With all the powers that be, the main overarching theme is you must love your neighbor and thy friend. You must motivate through love and not through hate. It’s easier to resort to motivation through hate. If you cannot support your cause of whatever you’re fighting for with your neighbor and those fighting for the same cause through love, then it is not going to work.

Gain Awareness:

Being aware of things happening in the world is worth caring about. This year will be one where we care about our actions and educate ourselves. We really have to tune in and not be concerned with individual wellness and success; but success as a whole for the entire nation and world. We must shift toward empathy and caring. Now more than ever, it is the time to help your neighbor and take agency over our own choices and make sure they are a reflection of our faith and our love. We must ground our feelings into actions.

The astrology of 2023 is going to require us to have the emotional intelligence to experience and activate through love in contradicting situations. It may not be easy, but we are here and we have to act to care about each other as well as ourselves. 

Looking Toward the Positive:

We can look toward improvement in life in general but specifically in medical advancement in pharmaceuticals and medical technologies. It’s important to look at the climate change crisis and what we can do through new technologies. There’s a massive development in the arts. For people who are creative, it is a very important year to be putting ourselves out there and trying new things in the creative realm. 

All in all, take everything you hear and use it to motivate yourself to push toward the positive. Health is foundational in the ability to sustain our work. Emotional, physical, and mental health. We can’t sustain 100% of our energy and attention to everything we care about. We must remember to return to the world. Don’t use general words to minimize our everyday needs. You cannot live in fear. The way we survive is by participating in healthy ways to create the world we want to live in.

Navigate life in 2023

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