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Natural Remedies To Relieve Headaches, Manifestation Tips & Free Therapy Practices

Holistic health healer and founder of Regenerative Pathway Therapy Gaby Piccirilli teaches the Heal Squad about some free alternatives to traditional therapy, shares natural remedies to relieve headaches and manifestation tips! As a child, Gaby suffered from serious digestive issues with pain so severe, she would black out and wake up in a hospital room on a consistent basis. This in turn affected her mental health and left her overwhelmed with negative thoughts. 

This is why Gaby specializes in treating ailments from all sides: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. In this interview, she teaches us how to use our mind and body to treat physical ailments and reminds us that we ALL have the ability to heal.  

Build the life you want through thought

Manifesting requires being in the right mindset. You must first heal and face all of your suppressed trauma. Throughout your healing journey, you will see your thoughts continually elevate. This will then manifest physically and mentally and you will find yourself thinking and approaching life differently. 

Meditation takes different forms 

There is no one way to meditate. You can follow the more traditional route, or you can go on a walk, listen to music, take a shower – anything that will ease your mind. 

Journaling is a great free alternative to therapy  

Writing down everything – unload it all from your brain. It can be anything from life lessons to your favorite part of the day to something you are afraid of. And if a negative thought is stressing you out, write it down, rip out the page, and throw it in the trash. This process helps remove the thought from your mind. 

What you give, you will get

When you start the giving process, you will begin to receive. So be the person that your friends can call in times of need. You will see that when you need help, they will be there for you too. 

We are the toxins we consume

If you have the option to make better nutritional choices, do it. It is much harder to feel good when you eat bad food. To help ease the transition, slowly start cutting unhealthy food from your diet. You will find yourself feeling much more energized. 

Our ability to heal lies among us

Take oil, even cooking oil, rub it into your hands and work your own skin, feet, hands, head. This will not only relieve the physical ailment, but is also extremely therapeutic and will instantly ease your mind.  

Castor Oil Can alleviate stomach pain

Suffer from stomach issues? Try massaging castor oil into your lower abdomen and see how it works. Then cover it with a warmed-up cotton pad or old t-shirt so that your stomach soaks it all up. 

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