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My Step by Step Process For The Perfect Wavy Hair

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Maria Menounos Wavy Hair Hack
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My hair has always had somewhat of a natural wave to it, but it took until recently to perfect my ultimate beachy wave hair routine. Below you’ll find all of the products I use to prep my hair, the diffuser I use, and a quick tutorial so you can see it all in action! I promise you won’t ever want to do it any other way.


Maria’s Wavy Hair Hack – 
STEP 1: Product Prep
WOW Dream Curl

​​This anti-frizz hair treatment is a product I’m constantly reaching for. It gives my hair weightless hydration for bouncy curls/waves and leaves my hair feeling so soft, defined, and glossy! 

Briogeo Ginseng + Biotin Hair Volumizing Spray

Great for all hair types, this spray adds volume and fullness, which is a key part of this hair hack. With beachy curls, we want a little more fullness, especially toward the roots. Plus, ginger, ginseng, and biotin support long-term hair health! And this product is non-toxic, which I love!

Pantene Mousse

Just a little mousse will go a long way. This is how we are going to help lock the curls/waves in place, but without that crunchy, sticky feeling you’d get from a typical mousse. It also helps keep the frizz at bay.

STEP 2: Diffuse
Hot Tools Diffuser

Any diffuser/hair dryer combination will work perfectly, this is just the one I use and I love it! If you have the Dyson Airwarp, you should have a diffuser attachment there as well. 

How to

With your wet hair, prepped with products above..Point the diffuser upward, coming in from the ends of your hair up to the root as if you were “scrunching” your hair. You can flip your hair upside down and take the diffuser closer to the roots for more volume at the top. Continue to do this all around until your hair is dry. I like to take my mason brush or any brush to the front part of my hair to help create the height and flow of the front piece. Usually i like it to the side. Just dry those roots and angle them whichever way you want them to go. After diffusing everything, if the roots are still wet take the diffuser off and dry the roots on low heat to finish. Add some more wow curl at the end for any leftover frizz! 


Click to watch my full wavy hair tutorial!

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