Maria Menounos

My Obsession with Dermalogica


I’ve been using Dermalogica for probably 15 years now. I wrote about it in my first book The Everygirl’s Guide To Life in 2011. I chronicled my skin journey there because I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and feel defeated. You don’t know what you did to deserve the blemishes and cysts. As you may have read, I went to one of the top dermatologists in LA… and they took me for a ride. It was bags of expensive products after bags of expensive products. Nothing was working and I was going broke trying. Luckily, my assistant at the time, who was exasperated by my journey, suggested I try Dermalogica. And it worked! While I did incorporate a few other practices as well as a one-month round of antibiotics, the products were the foundation of my journey to clear skin.

I cannot say enough about my love for Dermalogica. I also love their facials. Anytime I went to the “top facialist” who worked with said celebrity, my skin suffered for at least a month. It always got worse. But NEVER with Dermalogica. To this day, I never let anyone else touch my face. Well, I have gotten a Dr. Diamond facial…but that’s something different altogether! And he’s amazing btw! I try to get a Dermalogica facial at least twice a year and every time, they help me adjust my products to fit my skin (as it changes over time). If you open my drawers or look in my shower, it’s evident how much I love and believe in them. 

I mean…here’s my before and after:


a collage of Maria Menounos
My Dermalogica Skin Transformation

I also have taken a few friends on the journey to healing their skin and we have seen incredible results. Here are some before and after pictures of one of my mom’s caretaker’s Demi. She was so sweet with my mom and I knew it was bothering her and I felt like my protocol could be helpful. So we tried it and it worked in no time!!! Now she just has some scarring (which I’m working on now!). With Demi, I also incorporated a new product that I love (which I share on the show as well). It was a gut instinct and I believe it helped immensely! 

If you are suffering, take a listen to the episode and get going on the journey to better skin. I am not a doctor, nor a dermatologist…but I am a girl who fixed her skin and has helped a few friends too. Of course, consult your doctor for anything you want to start, especially since part of it was a prescription you would need..but I think the rest is pretty straightforward and the results have been great. Also, I would never tell you to try something that I didn’t have success with. I only give true honest advice! 

Ps-if you ever try the facials try the microdermabrasion and the LED light therapy. So bomb! 

Some of my favorite products are Dermalogica Overnight Retinol RepairDermalogica Neck Fit Contour Serum, and Stress Positive Eye Lift. Truthfully,  you will NEVER go wrong with a product. I use everything and have been happy with it all.