Maria Menounos

My Favorite Product For Strong Nails


So I recently became obsessed with all the cool nail art and designs people have been sporting. I was tired of the basic one color look. I started using gel polish again in May and did the colored French tip, some designs, etc. All was well until August…yes, just a few months later and my nails were destroyed! I had someone doing them who was actually super careful, too. It wasn’t the usual tale of going to random people who just wore them down. 


Maybe my nails, like yours, are just too sensitive and whatever the case may be, they were brittle, paper-thin and ripping up on the sides. It was awful and I swore I would never get gel again. Well, in comes Country Life Biotin Spray Skin and Nails. They SAVED my nails. This truly is a product for strong nails. A friend of a friend told me about the product and so I tried it. It’s a little spray that I keep by my bathroom sink and use nightly. In less than 3 weeks, my nails were back to their normal, strong form. I was shocked. And not only does it improve my nails, but also my hair and skin.

If you’re experiencing anything similar to what I was going through, I would highly suggest trying this spray. It really did save my nails! Now I’m debating, if I keep using this product for strong nails, can I try gels again? Maybe that’s my next experiment!

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