Adventures of Serial Buddies


Initial release: September 20, 2011
Director: Keven Undergaro
Screenplay: Keven Undergaro
Music composed by: Giulio Carmassi
Producers: Maria Menounos, Ian Keiser, John Comerford, Joe Gear, Aaron Strongoni

Gregory is a devout Catholic who wants to kill evil people in order to grant them safe passage to heaven, Gary is an assembly worker at a trophy shop who wants to kill potential trophy winners, Graham is Gary’s intern who will do anything to become a trophy maker and Vinny Van Go drives a road emergency van just to make friends. A coincidental encounter forces these four dim witted rejects to join forces and embark upon an idiotic and altogether hilarious road trip adventure – encountering the likes of skinheads, fraternity jocks, sorority babes, missing children, bikers, porn-stars, clowns, and Kathie Lee Gifford! If the boys aren’t careful they might just become human, in what is “the very first serial killer buddy movie of all time.”