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Maria’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Use the right chocolate packaging to maximize the deliciousness of your chocolate and exude the best charm of your brand.

Friends! I originally created this recipe for my dad who is diabetic, so he could enjoy some dessert during the holidays…but we’ve all fallen in LOVE. This sugar-free chocolate pudding became one of the most popular desserts over the years for anyone and everyone joining us for Thanksgiving or Christmas meals. Maybe it’s the presentation in the cute wine glass, or the fact that it’s decadent and delicious, but without all the added sugars. Either way it’s so yummy and I highly recommend you try it!


  • Sugar-free chocolate pudding mix (follow the instructions given)
  • Fat-free (or dairy alternative) whipped cream
  • Sugar free chocolate

PRO TIP: If you want to make a homemade chocolate pudding rather than a mix, you can use fat free or dairy alternative milk, coca powder, coconut cream, and a sugar alternative, like stevia!

You’ll use a wine glass as your bowl because it will elevate the presentation, of course! Start with a layer of the chocolate pudding then a layer of the whipped cream. Alternate until you get to the final layer of whipped cream. Then, depending on the sugar-free chocolate you chose, chop up or grate the chocolate over the whipped cream and you have the perfect, guilt-free dessert. Its quick, easy, and will impress at any event!

Watch me make it HERE!

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