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Maria’s Skincare Secrets

Maria Menounos on Skincare Secrets

A burning question from my followers and listeners has been “What are the secrets to my youthful appearance?” Today, I’m sharing my skincare secrets to implement into your daily routine to feel radiant, clean, and energized. All of the various skincare products from my own cabinet that I use and love can be found under the “Shop” page. 


When it comes to beauty routines, it helps to be honest, which is why I’m being open about my use of botox. It’s not the top of my list because I’m not a huge fan of the idea of injecting toxins into my face. Regardless, it definitely helps and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Additionally, botox or not, it’s important to get plenty of sleep, eat well, and drink tons of water in order to maintain clear skin (bonus drink: green tea!)


Cold compresses, especially in the morning, help liven up your skin. Waking up in the morning not well-rested with puffy eyes? Try an ice roller to smooth out your face. Any swollenness will instantly open up, making yourself look refreshed. Furthermore, take a couple handfuls of ice, wet them, and ice your face at least once a day. I’ve gotten noticeable differences from this easy method and you can too!

Laser Treatment

Now I have to admit, doing intense laser treatments scare me. After doing it once and seeing the redness on my face and how much it was peeling, I decided it wasn’t for me. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with this easily accessible handheld laser wand, which is great for on the go. There’s so much to enjoy about this little red light laser, including the ability to spot treat. More officially, I get Dermalogica facials, in which they do microdermabrasion and different laser stuff, but nothing too extreme. 


I can’t emphasize enough how important daily skincare is. Much of that comes from the products you use. It’s okay to have 10 different versions of the same item because when it comes to skin and makeup, it’s completely normal to try something new after hearing about it. While you can always switch it up, eventually you’ll settle on something tried and true for you. Some of the brands I have grown comfortable and accustomed to using include Dermalogica, True Botanicals, and Juice Beauty, which are all pretty clean. Essential items include clean face cloths, CBD oil, repair serum, and retinol. Take my word that mixing and matching is fun and safe to do. Keep track of your skin and know when it’s in need of some rejuvenation.


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