Maria Menounos

Maria’s Purse Organization Hack

I don’t know about you, but I always have a million and one things in my purse. What can I say? I like to be prepared for anything! But then, of course, when I’m shuffling through it all, it’s impossible to find anything. Chapstick? Headphones? Keys? Where did they go? After many years of my purse feeling like Mary Poppins’ bag, I’ve finally found the best purse organization hack. Plus, it actually helps me fit more in my purse. 😝

Maria’s Purse Organization Hack

These little nylon mesh bags are a game changer! I use them to separate all of my necessities that would otherwise get jumbled up. This easy hack helps prevent those unnecessary frustrations that only add to our daily stress and anxiety. Trust me, you HAVE to give this a try! I have one for all my tech stuff – iPhone charger, AirPods etc. Another is for makeup. Another is for medications and pills. Now it’s grab and go. The beauty of this is you can see through the bags so it’s easy to identify what you’re looking for.  

Remember to put everything back and this will make life easier…it’s made mine way easier. Why didn’t I think of this earlier??! 

I hope you find this hack just as useful as I do. If you use them, don’t forget to tag me at @bettertogetherwithmaria & @mariamenounos  

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