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Maria’s Packing Hack That Will Change Your Life

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Overpacking is SO last year, but we all do it! It’s hard not to, especially when you don’t know what to wear or change your mind about an outfit. Don’t worry, I’ve been there one too many times and never end up wearing most of the clothes I pack. Knowing what clothing items, shoes and accessories to bring on a trip can be a fun and great way to show off fashion and personal style when out and about or on social media! It also alleviates a TON of stress and a significantly lighter suitcase. Anyway, my friend Rachel showed me the best packing hack for packing in color schemes. Let’s get to it!


Maria’s Color Scheme Packing Method


When it comes to packing my own items for a trip, I LOVE packing in colors, especially neutrals, because they tend to go with everything! I pick either tan, black or white clothing items to pair with either jeans or leggings. That way, I can bring as few shoes as possible, for me, it’s all about the shoes! If I go with my off-white New Balance tennis shoes, all my tan outfits will coincide with the shoes. The same rules would apply to my black Doc Martens. If I’m feeling like a pop of color, a white sneaker can be a great addition to my suitcase. Essentially, all my outfits will center around that one or two pairs of shoes I pack! (Accessories are another great way to add style to an outfit!)


Watch the tutorial below to see how I put this into practice: 


I hope this helps you and you incorporate this hack when packing your next trip. If you try it out, don’t forget to tag me @mariamenounos or @bettertogetherwithmaria.

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