Maria Menounos

Maria’s Must Have Travel Kit

Having spent the better part of a decade traveling for work, I’ve become a packing MASTER. My one pain-point, though, was my travel kit. Between the hair products and makeup and accessories, it was all so overwhelming. BUT, I finally got it figured out and found the perfect compact travel kit. For now at least! I always say it can always be better! 


Everything That I Take with Me When I Travel: 
Bagsmart Travel Kit 

This travel kit is my favorite for two reasons: it’s compact and has so many compartments so I can keep my essentials organized! I organized it into three sections, hair, skin, makeup. I love it because instead of having lots of smaller bags, everything is in one little compact case you can grab and pop right on your sink. 


Mac Pro Artist Kit

This pro makeup artist kit by Mac is a game-changer. I’m able to depot and fit all of my favorite products in one palette PLUS, it barely takes up space. It’s a bit of work, but for someone who travels a lot it’s a game changer.


Makeup Eraser

If you have been following me for a while, you know I love the Makeup Eraser. It takes off all your makeup without damaging your skin like most makeup wipes do. While traveling, I bring a few so that I can use them on rotation. You can still be sustainable and gentle on your skin while away from home! THEN when you get home just throw them in the washing machine and they will be good as new. Secret, if you are good and wash it after every use, you can keep reusing the same one and carry even less! 


Travel Perfumes 

Perfume is a must for all occasions, but especially while traveling. I carry the travel sizes so I can keep them in my bag while on vacation – that way I can stay smelling fresh even after walking for hours! If you don’t want to pick up travel sized perfumes, you can use this refillable travel perfume spray to bring your favorite scents with you.  


Ziplock Bags

Though I rarely go for single-use items, one thing I always have stocked are Ziplock bags. Kev swears by these! They are great for keeping products separate, especially ones that may get messy in transit. I’m still shocked at how many of my friends will pack liquids just loose in their bag. You gotta use the ziploc to prevent leakage on your clothes friends!



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