Maria Menounos

Maria’s Must-Have Neck Pillow

Maria Menounos on her must-have Nurse Jaime Pillow

Did you know we spend 33% of our lives sleeping? Our bodies and brains heal when we sleep and good sleep is key to a happy, healthy life. One thing that sets me up for my best sleep is my Nurse Jaime pillow. It is so important to my nighttime routine that I even bring it with me on vacation. It’s one of my must-haves, for sure. 


The Pillow Everyone Needs

If you’re not familiar with the name Nurse Jamie, she is a celebrity skin expert & dermatologist who has worked with stars like Kim Kardashian, Adriana Lima and Jennifer Lopez. She designed this pillow to provide support to your jaw and neck while also eliminating pressure on the face (which contributes to premature aging).


Plus, because it’s made of memory foam, heat doesn’t get trapped inside, keeping you nice and cool throughout the night.

This Nurse Jaime pillow has changed the way that I sleep. Now, I didn’t start using it for its original purpose. I discovered it after suffering with neck issues. After using this pillow for over two years now, I can confidently recommend this to you if you are struggling with sleep and neck pain. It’s the perfect height to cradle your neck and I no longer have issues…and the bonus is the anti-aging!!!! If you try this pillow out, be sure to tag us @heasquad to let us know how you’re liking it!

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