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Maria’s Must Have House Plant For Removing Toxins

Maria Menounos on House Plant For Removing Toxins

Looking for a way to spice up your living space, plus get some added health benefits? You know I love a two-fer (a two for one 😉 ) Try plants! Plants improve the quality of your air by removing harmful pollutants, reduce stress, improve your mood, and release oxygen which helps boost productivity…and they liven up your home. 

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The spider plant is one of my faves and is a must-have in my house:
The Spider Plant 

For anyone with allergies or asthma (like me), this is a great option. These plants remove 95% of toxins from the air and reduce humidity levels. Plus, they are super easy to grow and very low maintenance, making it perfect for plant beginners or those of us with a busy schedule. Just water them once every 2 weeks and keep them in indirect sunlight. I like having a bunch of these little guys around to really reap the air purification benefits!

Houseplants are great for the environment and your home! They also make great gifts for friends or yourself (remember, we all gotta treat ourselves now and again)! 


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Check out my video on the benefits of the Spider Plant HERE – 


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