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Maria’s Must Have Caregiver Essentials

If you didn’t know, I spent 5 years as my mother’s caregiver before she passed away. While it was one of my most rewarding roles, it was definitely also a lot. That is why I compiled some products and tips that were game-changers and true caregiver essentials – I hope they help you and your loved one too.


Pure wick

Everyone MUST know about this! It’s fairly new, but if you’re dealing with a bed-bound patient, you know that keeping them dry is essential to preventing bed sores. This is a non-invasive catheter that looks almost like a tampon and sucks out urine. The beauty of it is that it allows the patient to get more rest, because they aren’t being constantly changed. It protects them from getting wet, and saves the caretaker a lot of stress.

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Companies That Organize Pills 

Organizing pills can be a hassle and if you’re like me, organization isn’t a strong suit (guilty!) That’s why I love companies like Pill Pack – they make it super simple to keep all your pills in order. Such an easy solution to an unnecessary stressor! Fyi, I didnt use this company per se, I had a local company in Connecticut that did this for me, but I wanted to share a company that does this because many don’t even know they exist! 

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Caregiving Guide

Systems for caregiving can be hard. Organizing schedules, learning how to turn patients, etc is all new to us first timers. A good solution is to hire a Nurse Care Manager to come in and help create a caregiving guide personally catered for your patient. We used RN Health in California, but just google Nurse Care Manager in your area and tell them that you need help putting a system in place. They will sit with you to come up with a blueprint so that you and your family have a plan, and  if someone new comes in to help, everything your patient needs is laid out for them.

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Alternating Mattress

An alternating mattress is key to preventing bed sores. Every 15 minutes or so it will shift air pressure to different points of the body, to give other parts a break. I cannot stress this enough. The patient gets more sleep with this mattress because it lessens the need for turning the patient and interrupting sleep. I focused on letting my mom sleep at night at some point and just trusting the mattress to do its job, and then resumed turning during the day. 

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CBD for Hemorrhoid Issues

When my mom had hemorrhoids, extra strength Preparation H Cooling Gel and wipes only did so much. I got a prescription from her doctor, but then a light bulb went off and I realized, why not try CBD oil since we know CBD reduces inflammation. It worked like magic – alongside the things mentioned above.

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My producer Kelsey told me about this incredible product and let me tell you, it’s game changing. It’s made of Electrolyzed Water and Pure Hypochlorous Acid and has been used to fight COVID-19!! I used the ‘BRIOTECH SANITIZER + DISINFECTANT’ in a humidifier in my mom’s room when guests were there to clean the air in the room. It also helps heal wounds faster, which was great when my mom got cuts or even bed sores. It’s my go-to for really anything. 

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I shared a short film I created documenting our COVID-19 journey. As I’ve mentioned on Better Together, I document EVERYTHING, mostly because I worry about my memory, and also because I like to look back at moments. More than anything, I’m hoping the doc serves as a visual aid to help others caring for loved ones. So that being said, enjoy the video -If you think this is helpful to anyone in your life, please share.


Video here: 

I hope these caregiving tips are helpful to you and your family. Xo