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Maria Menounos - Altwell CBD Products
Maria Menounos - Altwell CBD Products
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Over the last several years, CBD has become a pretty widely used supplement to help with different mental and physical struggles. It helps regulate sleep, mood, stress, metabolism, memory, immunity, pain, inflammation, muscle formation, and reproductive health. Many people use it to manage stress or anxiety. With the influx of CBD products coming onto the market and it still being new to the wellness arena, it can be difficult to know which brands or products are for you. I wanted to share the CBD products I’m using right now to hopefully make it easier for you to find products that work for you!

Lately I’ve been loving my CBD from Altwell! They have a range of products from soft gels to gummies to protein powders and more. Everyone’s experience with CBD is different, that’s why I love this brand. They help you navigate their products based on what you’re needing help with. Whether you’re looking for something to help with balance, calming, sleep, or nourishment – they make it easy for you to find what might work better for you! The founders of Altwell are actually known for creating, building and selling the Muscle Milk Brand of protein products. So they’ve been in the wellness space for quite some time! 

Check out Altwell if you want to explore what they have to offer (& get 25% off!)

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