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Maria’s Easy Daily Workout Routine

Maria Menounos Bala Bangles

Anyone else find it so hard to sneak a workout into the day?? With such a busy schedule, it sometimes feels almost impossible to fit in any time for exercise. What I’ve always tried to do is incorporate workouts into my other tasks to make it more manageable to have an easy daily workout routine.

I recently discovered these amazing leg weights called “Bala bangles” and I’m in love. They are basically updated, cuter leg weights. Throughout my day to burn some extra calories I wear my Bala Bangles and push myself to take the stairs, fit in my calf-raises or even do tricep pushes off my counter while I am cooking dinner. I know it sounds too easy or kinda silly, but hey – i’m still moving!

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With the bangles on, I feel like I am getting a workout throughout the day as I run up and down stairs, or rush around in general. It also inspires me when I’m standing around to do leg lifts with them too. It’s a no pressure way to get my fitness in. 

All said, I also want to emphasize the importance of listening to your body. Just do what you can that day. If all I can do at the time is get on the treadmill and walk for 10 minutes, that’s okay. I do what I can and don’t have guilt. I have phases in life where I can do more, or phases when I do almost nothing. It’s just how it goes for me and I’m ok with that. 

PS – loving this sustainable activewear brand Girlfriend Collective! Their products are made out of recycled materials and only made in an ethical factory that guarantees fair wages, free catered meals, and a safe and healthy workplace. How it should be!


Check out my tutorial HERE!

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