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Maria’s Contact Organization Hack

Maria Menounos on Contact Organization Hack

Staying organized is one of the keys to achieving success in all areas of life. I like to keep everything from my home to my business endeavors completely systemized. Being on the go all the time, I like to be efficient, especially with something as simple as getting a phone number! And my little blackbook is one of my biggest and simplest contact organization hacks. 

Maria’s Little Blackbook

My blackbook helps me keep track of phone numbers and email addresses for all my important contacts, from family and friends to my plumber! Plus, it’s easy to add new ones as needed. Now, you never have to worry about losing your phone AND all your contacts! I suggest creating labels for categories and color coding to make it more effortless when finding who you’re looking for. 


You don’t have to make your little blackbook complicated. It’s super easy to make one— just grab a binder or three-pronged folder from any store. I recommend getting sheet protectors to keep everything safe from day-to-day spills and smudging. Then you create the contact list in Google Docs, Word, or (if you want to get a little more creative) Canva is a great tool too. 


My favorite thing about having a family blackbook is that you will always have the perfect person to recommend when someone is in need. Oh, you need a plumber because your sink is leaking? Let me pull out my little blackbook and give you all the contact info. 


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