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Maria’s 5 Career Tips for Success

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Interviewing the Obamas

It’s no secret that Maria has had an incredible career. She remains the youngest host (22) in Entertainment Tonight history and the only person to interview the Obama family – an interview ABC News heralded as key to Obama’s historic victory. She’s hosted/reported for Access Hollywood, Extra, E! News, The Today show, NBC Nightly News, acted in shows like One Tree Hill and The Mindy Project, movies like The Fantastic Four, Kickin’ It Old Skool, written New York Times bestselling books like the “Every Girl’s Guide To Life,” wrestled at Wrestlemania, hosted the official Oscar pre-show, Fox NYE with Steve Harvey, performed and hosted at Eurovision and the list goes on. Maria has seen massive success in her career thus far and continues to strive to be her highest self when it comes to her job. Knowing this, we wanted to ask her best career tips that can maybe give you some inspiration if you are needing some. 


Maria’s 5 Must-Know Career Tips For Success


1. Never shrink yourself for others

Maria said she struggled with this during the initial stages of her career. She felt like she had to mold herself into what people wanted her to be or what executives were telling her to do. Shrinking one’s self does not allow their individuality to shine through. Instead, it invites others to take advantage of you by shaping you into the person they want you to become. Being confident in yourself and what you can bring to the table will attract opportunities.


2. Always be open to new opportunities

This piece of advice can be used in any career path, but Maria says those who are looking to work in the entertainment industry should definitely consider this. Being open to new opportunities allows you to make new connections and also grow your skill set. Meeting that one job recruiter or manager may be the entryway to your dream life. Each opportunity that comes your way is a building block, bringing you one step closer to the career you want.


3. Don’t stress about the future

Maria said she definitely struggled with this one a lot during the initial stages of her career. It’s almost impossible not to worry or stress about whether everything will work out together for the good. Now this isn’t an excuse for laziness, you still have to work hard in order to accomplish your goals, but Maria says prioritizing your daily tasks and remaining consistent with the grind guarantees progress. Take it one day at a time and focus on what you can control today!


4. Learn to rest

Sometimes when you’re resting, that feeling of guilt creeps in and says “you could be using your time better to get something done.” However,  having this mindset is toxic because it leads to burnout. We have to listen to our bodies and learn when to step back. Prioritizing rest will not only help your body, but also help you work better as well. Maria recommends meditating daily for as little as twenty minutes. Something as small as this will yield extraordinary benefits for your mind, work, and emotions.

Bonus: Add personal style to your work attire


As simple as this gesture may be, everyone should add personal style to their work attire. Standing out is such an important part of any career because that’s how people will notice your talent or skill set. For example, Maria says if you’re a nurse who is constricted to wearing scrubs , try standing out with your makeup and hair. This could simply mean wearing a tinted moisturizer with a splash of color on the eyes and pulling your hair back into a neat ponytail. Adding little details of personality to your work attire will not only make you stand out, but also make you feel your best!


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