Maria Menounos

Maria’s 4 Tips to Get Yourself Out of a Funk

Often, when you’re feeling frustrated, it’s because you have gotten out of alignment with who you are and who you want to be. The anxiety and stress that being out of alignment can cause can be detrimental to your mental and physical well-being (aka you are in a funk). Here are my four tips to help you realign your mindset, get your energy back, and get yourself out of a funk.


1. Go Volunteer

Volunteering forces you to get out and give to others. You are giving purpose, meaning, and value to someone or something other than yourself. I like to say it ironically feels selfish because you end up feeling better because of it! For me, volunteering at animal shelters is my favorite. Cuddling a dog is the best thing in the world; an instant boost of dopamine. I’ve also volunteered at the children’s hospital and with the elderly. Choose whatever pulls you!


2. Find Time For You

If you are someone who is just in a mundane routine, doing everything for everyone else, or just feeling stuck;  I get it, I’ve been there. You have to do something for YOU. Whether that is waking up 30 minutes earlier so you can get outside and walk to your favorite local coffee shop, getting in bed 30 minutes earlier to read a good book, or even a nice bath and face mask, you must carve out time that is solely for yourself (not work related) or you will continue to feel unhappy and lost.

ALSO, no one else can make you happy, they can in little moments, but at the end of the day, you are the one who has to make you happy. Give yourself that extra love and TLC, you deserve it. I promise when you do, you will notice a difference.


3. Get Your Ideas Out Of Your Head

Every new year I would write down a list of things that were weighing me down, tripped me up during my day, or annoyed the hell out of me. Once I made my list, which feels like an angry journal at times, I would come up with whatever solutions I could for each. For example, when I was running, non stop water bottles would collect in the back of my car (this was back in the day before we used reusables). I realized the issue came from two things: remembering to take the trash inside and that I always had too many things to carry in, so they never made the cut. I decided to place a trash barrel next to my car. Sounds crazy, but it’s been extremely relieving. That thing that annoyed me is gone as are others I haven’t mentioned.  Hopefully, you get the gist. 

Look at all the things annoying you in your life, figure out a better way to resolve them then take action. These little annoyances hold us back from happiness and success in more ways than we realize.

Speaking of lists and assessments, spend a day or week  listing everything you in your days, then assess that list and decide what is absolutely necessary or what is a waste of time and most likely adding to your funk. When you cut the things you’re doing that are at best unproductive and at worst painful, you can conserve your energy for the things you need to do such as self care or even pursuing your dreams THUS making you happy and de-funkifying you 😊 


4. Go See A Friend

Sometimes when I was in a funk, my husband Kev would be the one to notice. He would say “go see Vin.” Vin is a dear friend of mine who “sees me.” Kev knew that and would tell me to go see her because he knew my soul needed a friend who could provide good conversation and who just got me. Kev can’t fill every role and neither can your partner or family members. Sometimes, not even your best friend. You need someone that can get you out of that everyday stuff and into what you’re meant to be in instead. Someone to help steer the ship, remind you who you are, and what you mean to them and others. This has always helped me and I know it can help you too! 

If you don’t have this person in your life, you have to put the time in to find that someone who is like minded or even a step ahead of you on the journey. This person may be better than someone who just wants to drink with you and tell you how life does suck, or so and so sucks. You need someone who can see through the forest for you! 

These are just a few of the many tips I have learned and shared on the show. Hope it helps you! 

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