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Maria’s 4 Lessons from Meditation

Maria Menounos on Meditation

After starting Dr. Joe Dispenza’s online course for meditation guidance earlier this year, I was instantly hooked. I attended a couple of his meditation events, most recently a solo trip for his “Singularity” event, coincidentally during a time of transition for finding comfortability in being alone. For my Better Together/Heal Squad family, I wanted to gather some lessons I learned from this event for my personal growth journey in hopes of being able to positively impact your life as well. 

Maria’s 4 Lessons from Meditation 
1. “The growth is happening, but you have to keep growing.”

If you take the time and effort to continuously grow as a person, you can almost compare it to leveling up in a video game. No matter how frustrating obstacles that come your way can be, they’re your door to new change, and they may start to happen faster than the last. In just a month, my latest period of growth was the realization that I can travel and do things alone, that there’s no fear if someone isn’t there. Especially considering the act of meditation and having peaceful moments contained to oneself, this is an important step on the path of self care. 

2. “We’re made up of atoms, but 99.99% is void, it’s just energy and frequency…Our job is to surrender to it.”

Dr. Joe’s meditations are meant to elevate us closer to the source of the void, pure consciousness, in order for those frequencies to create more wholeness, and you can achieve this in your everyday meditation practice too. To get to a place where you can feel whole, you have to think about the idea of being happy for seemingly no reason at all. Wherever we place our attention towards, energy will follow and that’s how we’ll feel. He emphasizes to “stop living by the story of your past and start creating your future,” which is important if you keep reliving emotions of your past, dragging yourself through unnecessary weight. So go out and try new things that make you feel good. Get some new energy from the life you want to have. 

3. “I’m acting as if I’m healed everyday because I believe I am, and I want to tell my body that everyday. I feel it and I’m feeling better and better because of it.”

A healthy outlook on life starts with a positive mindset. Telling yourself these daily affirmations will allow you to envision a happier you, and with practice, you’ll actually get yourself to believe these things, which only means it must be true. Write it on a post-it and place it near your mirror. Be aware of your thoughts because that’s how most things begin to happen. Take a step back and ask yourself how your life is, is there room for spontaneity, and what your personality looks like. Life can get redundant, and the same act everyday can only mean the same results. Telling yourself what you want to change about your life or your routine and then going out to actually do them will help you achieve new results. This is one of the easiest ways to start this type of work, with new behaviors and new experiences. 

4. “The meditations are the vehicle, but it’s more than meditation.”

Everything starts with the power of the mind. With manifesting a better future for yourself, you’re thinking it into reality and setting goals for yourself. A major key is believing in possibility, and that even if you can’t see something right now, it’ll soon come to fruition. Meditation is a great safe space to allow you a way to get to this higher level of thinking and access these frequencies, with so many added benefits. Writing down things that trigger you can help you narrow your focus to something you need to adjust in your life. It’s always a learning experience with new things to work on. You start to see blind spots when you start asking yourself questions, allowing yourself to improve your way of thinking and thus, your perception of health and complete wellbeing. It’s a choice you can make everyday. 

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