Maria Menounos

Maria’s 3 Tips to Step Into Your Power

Most of the time, we think stepping into our power requires strategic planning on our end that is reliant on our efforts. However, this is most of the time not sustainable and can eventually lead us to burnout (we hate burnout here). I recently put this into practice when I gave a speech at Ed Mylett’s Power of One event because I was so nervous. I meditated, refocused my energy, and let go before I went on stage. As a result, my peers said it was the best speech they’ve ever heard! I figured I needed to share these tips with my heal squad. Here are three ways to step into your power that will yield life changing results.


1. Leave your worries to the universe

 It’s so easy to get caught up in stressing about every little thing. We stress about our future, our health, safety, how we perform daily, and the list goes on. Growing up I would always stress about my future and whether everything would fall into place. When we get caught up in stress, we’re blocking ourselves from experiencing breakthroughs, as well as stepping into our power. Trusting in a higher power will allow you to work with a purpose because at the end of the day you can be secure in the fact that all things are working together for your good. I always say if you’re a good person and you work hard, then you have nothing to worry about – the universe will reward you.


2. Manifest your victories

 If you truly want to step into your power you have to start manifesting the life you want. We have the power to manifest our victories with just our minds! But it’s up to us to step into that power within our own selves. One way that I manifest my victories is through mediation. Meditation allows you to blur time/space, go into the field, and plant that seed of manifestation. Manifesting allows you to step into your power and as a result you’re able to walk with confidence that what you want will unfold.


3. Change your negative thoughts and behaviors

Stepping into your power means you have to make changes in the way you think, behave, and speak to yourself. You can’t expect radical changes to take place without changing your conduct! Negative thought patterns and behavior inhibit us from evolving into our full potential. Changing yourself will lead to a new reality, but here’s the catch – you have to remain consistent! Without a consistent effort to change yourself, stepping into your power will be difficult. 

As humans we all have a power inside of us that’s waiting to be uncovered. I hope these tips can help you step into your power and start living your dream life. 


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