Maria Menounos

Maria’s 3 Tips for Improving Your Mental Well-Being

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Here are some of Maria’s key tips to improving your mental well-being!

1. Get Sunlight First Thing in the Morning

My Naturopath is having me wake up at sunrise so my body sees the sun first thing. Her goal is to reset my Circadian Rhythm. Hear more about it on the show and do your own homework, but it is really helping me. There are even certain beliefs that not getting sunlight to all parts of your body can cause illnesses. Give it a try and try some sunrise sunbathing!

I like to do this in the nude to get the biggest benefits, BUT if I can’t then I will wear this bathingsuit.

2. Meditation 

Meditation has been such a game changer. Find the kind of meditation that works for you! There are many different kinds and lengths of meditations, and the key is to find which ones work into your lifestyle so that they are effective and beneficial. Meditation is great for healing and getting your chakras and energy centers going. If you want to hear more about Maria’s favorite meditations or need help getting started, check out her meditation page for all things meditation! 

3. Let Yourself Cry

Find things that make you cry, and people that let you cry with them. It is so important to let your emotions out and release that built up emotion. Having healthy cries is important to feel like you can let out how you’re feeling so you can reset yourself. Being able to let your cry out is a healthy way of handling your emotions, rather than ignoring them and pretending they don’t exist. Find those things that make you cry, and find those people that will encourage and comfort you in processing emotions.

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