Maria Menounos

My Secret To The Perfect Summer Glow

Want to get your glow on, but without the damaging effects of UV Rays?! SAME. One thing Kev taught me from an early age was to keep my face out of the sun and I am so grateful for that. But also, like most of us, I love having a good golden glow. So for years I used toxic self-tanning products on my face and body without even thinking of the side effects. Once I became more aware of the harmful chemicals in those products, I was able to link those back to some really painful side effects. This added to my “Clean Beauty & Skincare” quest, and I was determined to find a good clean brand for self-tanning without sacrificing having the perfect tan. Well lucky for me my producer Kelsey was already an expert as she had tried numerous clean self-tanning products and had narrowed it down to one. 

 Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

You mix them in with your moisturizer at night and then wake up with a beautiful glow tan. Nothing too much, just a little but definitely all I’ve needed! They really are the secret to the perfect tan! 

 Hyglo Hyaluronic Acid Self-Tan Body Serum

 I am also in love with the Isle of Paradise Hyglo Hyaluronic Acid Self-Tan Body Serum. You cannot go wrong with either of these! Give them a try and let me know your thoughts. 

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A Few Things to Not Forget:

There are a few key tips to reminder when you use either of these products. Make sure you don’t forget to exfoliate. You should be exfoliating least twice a week to avoid the color looking patchy and/or blotchy. I use the dark shade of the drops, but a little goes a long way. Make sure to read the directions and not over do or under do it. The key is also to make sure you are using an oil-based moisturizer to mix with the drops. You can tell if your moisturizer is oil or water based by looking at the ingredient list and seeing if one of the first couple ingredients is oil or water. I mix it with my True Botanicals moisturizer and love the way it turns out! Go get your glow on Heal Squad! 

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