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Maria Menounos’ Clean Beauty Must Haves

Maria Menounos - My Everyday Clean Makeup Products

Wanna go ‘clean’ and non toxic with your beauty supplies but are overwhelmed on where to start? Yeah, that was me too. I’ve wanted to go clean since I had brain surgery. I vividly remember people telling me they felt better by doing so and yet it took me years to finally do it. Why? Well, I didn’t know where to start and there were fewer products it seemed. Today, going clean is more mainstream and much easier to access at places like Sephora. My show producer Kelsey also really helped me on the journey to finding my clean beauty must haves as she had already tried and tested so many products. 

I’ll share with you the ones I love and think are worth the investment as I know how expensive the process is as well. Perhaps try to layer, little by little, as your current products run out. That helped me feel less wasteful! 

It’s been a journey finding these favorites, and you know that I only back what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. I have to say, narrowing down and sifting through the thousands and thousands of expensive products was a lot to bite off and costly. If you’re a fan of the podcast, you know I’m all about tangible takeaways and solutions that save me and us time and make us healthier.  

Here are my clean beauty must haves that I use and love:

ILIA Tinted Moisturizer
This is my holy grail! For days off when I want a little lighter coverage, but I also want my skin to be hydrated, happy and protected (40 SPF!). Well bless this Ilia Tinted Moisturizer, because it does all of that! It fuses skincare, makeup, and sun protection into one easy, amazing weightless serum that leaves my skin feeling and looking great. (P.S…I often use this under my heavier foundation for an extra dewy look). This is my favorite discovery of life because I’ve long looked for a tinted moisturizer and this is the best and it’s clean! For days off, this and some ilia cream blush (see below) is a bomb look. (I mix ST 10 and ST 11 for my color)


ILA Cream Blush 

For a soft and dewy everyday look I love my Ilia Cream Blush. It goes on so well and lasts. My favorite colors are Lady Bird, At Last and then Tenderly for a lighter little soft pink…I’m OBSESSED! I even use this on my eyelids too for a little pop of color and some contouring too!! It’s everything.

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PURE Bamboo Blur Foundation
For more coverage, yet still clean, beautiful ingredients, plus a FABULOUS finish, I love 100% Pure Bamboo Blur Foundation OR Woke Up Like This Lawless Flawless Finish Foundation. The Lawless foundation has over 20 amazing shades and the Bamboo Blur finishes a little more dewy! My shade shifts depending on the season.

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Kosas Concealer

I can’t forget my Kosas Concealer! The goddess of the under-eyes. This is the creamiest and yummiest clean concealer formula I’ve ever found and it keeps my under eye bright, plus seamlessly covers any spot that needs a little love. (I go between a 4 and 5 on my color) when you find your color and you know you will love it, I highly recommend buying two. Sometimes they are out of stock and you wanna be ready and have no concealer interruptions!

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Lawless Summer Skim Velvet Matte Bronzer

Currently obsessing over my Lawless Summer Skin Velvet Matte Bronzer. It really does give the perfect warm glow without being too muddy or sparkly (you know those bronzers that are crazy shimmery… this isn’t one of them)! 

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RMS Lunar Eye Polish


My go to highlighter is ACTUALLY an eye polish!! That’s right, the RMS Lunar Eye Polish doubles as an eye shimmer, polish, brightener and gorgeous highlighter! I use it on my eyes, cheek bone, nose tip and even clavicles!!! It’s the perfect thing for travel and on-the-go because its multipurpose. I use it on my eyes, cheek bone, nose tip and even clavicles! This little guy does it ALL!!

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Thrive Brilliant Eye Brightener

I’ve been using the Thrive Brilliant Eye Brightener to keep my eyes looking awake, giving them a little highlight. Especially if I feel they look tired I just pop a little under my brow bone or right in the corner of my eyes to freshen up my look.

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RMS Lip Liner

LOVE LOVE my RMS Lip Liner it glides on like a gem. I use lip liner almost daily, BUT it needs to be clean. After I learned about all the toxins in normal lip products, I did NOT want to be ingesting all that nasty stuff – so this has been my go-to recently! I love how rich and creamy the color is, and the built in sharpener is a big plus… very convenient. I use the shade Daytime Nude.

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Lawless Satin Luxe Cream Lipstick

Lastly, the Lawless Satin Luxe Cream Lipstick is AMAZING. It’s my go-to for any occasion. You can dress it up or down! Plus, you know the drill by now… it’s clean!! So it’s free of lead, mineral oils, parabens, talc, synthetic fragrance… all the nasty stuff. I even used it on my Wedding Day.

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P.S. don’t miss my makeup tutorial using some of my clean beauty must haves – HERE!!