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Manifest Your Dream Relationship with Dr. Laura Berman

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Whether you are in a relationship or looking for love, we have the blog for you. Leading expert in the field of sex and relationship therapy Dr. Laura Berman joins Better Together to talk about cultivating stronger connections as well as how you can actually manifest your dream relationship! 


Be clear on your expectations 

It is ok to be disappointed in your partner, but what is not ok is to just complain about the problem and not explain how you feel. Be clear on what made you upset and what it is that you want. No one is a mind reader!


Create a time for “relationship resolutions”

Around Valentine’s Day is a great time to make relationship resolutions, which are similar to that of New Year’s resolutions. What aspects of your relationship need adjusting? Is their something bothering you that you want to relay to your partner? What steps can be taken by both parties to improve the relationship? 


The proper way to manifest 

When manifesting, don’t only imagine the scenario you would like to occur, but also what you would feel like in the moment. And don’t visualize it from a 3rd party but from your perspective – literally put yourself in the moment. When you look down you’ll see your hands and your feet. Our reality always matches our body’s energetic frequency, it is the law of quantum psychics. And our frequency is set by feelings, which are created by thoughts and beliefs. The lens in which you are looking at life or yourself will create your feelings and those feelings have frequency which is then put out into the universe. So you are literally attracting what you put in the universe. 


We create our own reality

There was a study done on a group of old men who in their youth, were athletic and strong. They were placed in a room that replicated the time when they were at their fitness peak. The men who were seemingly weak entering the room, were playing football and running around. Without realizing it, they tricked their brains and their bodies into thinking they were in a different reality. 


The universe will make it’s lessons known  

Even if you choose to overlook it, life’s lessons will find a way to make their presence known. The universe is trying to move you in a direction for your soul’s growth and purpose. Resisting it will only last so long! 


How to be there for someone in grief

Don’t ask how you can help, just show up and be of service. Leave food on their doorstep, send flowers, walk their dog, text a heart – anything to let them know you are thinking about them. And don’t expect the person grieving to let you in right away. They are dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions and when they are ready to be with company and receive, they will let you know. 


Receptive energy goes a long way

You want to show other people that you are available and open for conversation. If your dream partner is behind you in line at Starbucks but you have a grimace on your face and your head is on your phone, they probably won’t approach you. But if you are smiling and conversing with the barista, that person will pick up on your friendly energy and more likely strike up a conversation. 


Maria Menounos guest Laura Berman on How to Manifest Your Dream Relationship

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