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Lucky Girl Syndrome with Maria Menounos

Curious about what Lucky Girl Syndrome is? Maybe you’ve heard it taking social media by storm? Look no further, Maria helps us break down Lucky Girl Syndrome, teaches us how to manifest our dream life, and shares her tips on thriving in your 20s.

Explaining Lucky Girl Syndrome with Maria Menounos
The Power of Positive Thinking

Lucky Girl Syndrome is really about staying in a positive headspace, truly believing that you are the luckiest person and that good things always happen to you. Maria agrees with the concept! Sharing that her philosophy of manifesting at its core is all about the importance of positive thinking, she adds that visualization of achieving your goals / what you want is also key. When manifesting things into reality you really must set intentions and be clear about what you want. 

Thriving In Your 20s

There are challenges of being in your 20s and the pressure to figure out your life’s path. Maria knows all too well, it can be overwhelming, especially with social media as a mirror. There is so much comparison online that it can be really difficult to find yourself and stand out in the crowd. You really must embrace your journey and not compare yourself to others. Comparison is the thief of joy and it can really mess with your confidence as well as your path of life. Your 20s is for trying new things, failing and learning the lessons that will help you grow and evolve. 

Prioritize Mental Health

Self-care and mental health are so important in the era of social media, but especially in your 20s as you’re still growing and finding yourself. Lucky Girl Syndrome emphasizes the importance of taking care of your mental health and seeking help when needed. Listen, everyone has anxiety, fear and negative thoughts at times –the key to lucky girl syndrome is overcoming that and embracing positivity and happiness. You cannot let the fear overcome you, anxiety will take you down. You really have to believe in what you are manifesting and believe you are beyond lucky, truly feel that.

Lucky Girl Syndrome

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