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Let Go Of Self-Doubt with Mel Robbins

Maria Menounos guest Mel Robbins on Self-Doubt
Lets Talk Confidence…


Are you lacking confidence? Feel full of self-doubt? What if we told you that you can change that all with a simple high-five? Best-selling author of “The Five Second Rule” Mel Robbins sat down with Maria to talk about how her new book and global movement “The High Five Habit” and how this simple exercise is scientifically-proven to boost your mood, increase your confidence and eliminate self-doubt AND will guide you towards truly loving yourself. Maria has incorporated this into her morning ritual and she already feels the difference. 

1) The Science Behind the “High Five Habit”

When you give someone a high five, your brain gives you dopamine hits, which boosts your mood and increases happiness. It is a gesture of celebration. Brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen explained to Mel that your brain can’t tell the difference from when you are high fiving yourself or someone else, so you get the same jolt of celebratory energy. 


2) How to implement the High 5 Habit into your daily routine

Mel started incorporating  the gestures into her mornings after she brushes her teeth. It is easy for your brain to learn new habits when it is stacked with a ritual you already do. 


3) How to maintain a “High 5” attitude

We can all sit in the present moment and look back to see how past moments helped us in certain situations. To ground yourself in optimism is to subscribe to this mentality – that this moment of hardship is too connected to something extraordinary that hasn’t happened yet. 


4) How to push through mental blocks

When we are cheering people on at a marathon, we don’t wait until the end to do so – spectators are clapping and supporting throughout the entire process. We high five these strangers every step of the way until they cross the finish line. We should be doing the same for ourselves along our journeys. When we block ourselves with regret or shame, that is the equivalent of standing at a marathon with your arms crossed. 


5) People are crabs in a bucket

When crabs are placed in a bucket and one tries to crawl out, the others will pull the rogue one back down with them, truly embodying the sentiment of “misery loves company.” The same happens in life. When you start elevating mentally and spiritually, those around you will try to bring you back down to their level. When that happens, just keep on climbing out of that bucket until they can’t reach you anymore!


6) The truth about people pleasing 

People pleasing is really just projecting your insecurities on other people. It is about managing people’s reactions to you so that they like you. This behavior dates back to childhood when you did what made your parents happy because, as a child, you think if they aren’t happy with me, they don’t love me. And we carry that pattern into adulthood. 


7) It is not your responsibility to give ppl sunglasses around your light 

When you dim your self expression, you are robbing everyone of your purpose, which is to be free to express yourself. And when you do that, you are robbing the world of something you are here to give. 


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